Carnet Auctions are simulcast on the following days:

McGraths Hill, Sydney:   Wednesday 10.30 AM  
A preliminary catalogue is usually available the day before the auction, however cars are arriving at the auctions all the time and the catalogue is finalised half an hour before the start of the auction.

Simulcast bidding for public buyers

Members of the public are invited to bid on CarNet Western Sydney simulcast auction Wednesday 10:30 am

Interested ? Watch a video here of a live simulcast auction  

Register for a bidder number.

To bid on a simulcast auction you need a bidder number.  You can use your bidder number on all future auctions.
please register here to get a bidder number.

There are no Online or Simulcast Auctions available at this time.

Catalogues are normally listed on the morning of the Simulcast.


How to buy a car at auction

- without leaving your desk!

Car auctions are broadcast live on the internet. This means you can bid for a car from the convenience of your desk or home. 
This is not just an internet auction, it’s a live car auction. You will see a live video of the auction and hear the auctioneer calling for bids. You will be bidding against other internet bidders and bidders on the floor of the auction. 

OK - so how do I join the auction ?

Follow these 3 simple steps
Ø      Register for a bidder number
Ø      Inspect the cars
Ø      Logon and bid
Step 1: Register for a bidder number
You must first register and receive a bidder number. Once you receive a bidder number you can join the auction.   Please register here. Once you register you will receive a bidder number by email, so please check your email address. 
If you are successful  when you pickup your car and pay for it you will be asked to verify your name address with your driver’s licence.
Your bidder number can be used for all our live auctions.   When you register you are asked to accept our auction terms and conditions.

Step 2: Inspect the cars

Carnet Auctions - Smithfield
We are open 7 days a week
Times Our Address is:
Monday - Friday  9.00 am - 5.30pm 211 - 221 Cumberland Highway
Saturday  9.00 am - 5.00 pm Smithfield NSW 2164
Sunday  10.00 am - 5.00 pm  
    Call us on 02 9725 4001
Come and talk to our friendly staff, they are only too pleased to
show you the cars and talk about our auction.
  On-site parking - just drive in, plenty of space
Carnet Western Sydney
We are open 7 days a week
Times Our Address is:
Monday - Friday  8.30 am - 6.30pm  Cnr Winford Dr and Grier Crossing
Saturday  9.00 am - 4.00 pm McGraths Hill NSW 2756
Sunday  9.00 am - 4.00 pm  
    Call us on 131 007
Come and talk to our friendly staff, they are only too pleased to
show you the cars and talk about our auction.
  On-site parking - just drive in, plenty of space


Step 3 : Login and bid

Click on the Login to Simulcast button or the catalogue listing and you will see a login screen. Enter your bidder number, password and accept the terms & conditions. Once you have logged in you will be asked to enter your credit card details for a pre-authorisation of $500.  

 and you are ready to bid !


Technical Requirements
The bidding screen automatically scales to a pc, a mobile or a tablet. No special apps or downloads required. If you use a pc you should use the Chrome browser as Microsoft Edge does not yet support the latest video streaming software we use.

If you are behind a corporate firewall you should ask your I.T department to open ports 5119 and 5135.




Like to know more ?

Auction Prices
All auction prices are in $ AUD

Terms & Conditions
When you logon to the auction you will be asked to accept our auction terms and conditions. These are important and you should read through them. You are buying a car at auction and if your bid is successful and the auctioneer says ‘Sold’ you have entered into a legally binding contract to purchase the car. Please see our terms and conditions
When you logon to our auction you will be asked to enter your credit card details. We take a pre-authorisation of $500 on your credit card. If you successfully bid on a car we will charge your credit card with $500 as the deposit. If you do not buy a car then the authorisation of $500 will lapse in 3 -5 days.   The lapse time depends upon your credit card provider.
If you do not pay the balance of the car you will forfeit your deposit.
Your credit card details are passed straight to the banking system.  We do not hold your credit card details in our system.
You should be aware that there is no statutory warranty given by the auctioneer for a car bought at auction. Why is this ?   The auctioneer is selling on behalf of the owner of the car and is not responsible for the condition of the car. The auctioneer prepares an inspection sheet but does not carry out a full mechanical check. You should take the opportunity to inspect the cars yourself before you bid at our auctions. Our auction is open 7 days a week and you are welcome to visit us and inspect the cars.
Many late model cars carry the manufacturer’s warranty. You should check with the manufacturer to ensure the warranty is transferable.
There is no statutory warranty for cars purchased at car auctions in NSW
If you buy a car at our auction and it is registered you will receive a Safety Inspection Report which you will need to transfer the registration to your name. If the car has been registered within the last month you do not need a Safety Insepction Report.
If the vehicle is not registered, you need to take it to an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS) to have an identification check conducted. Ring the RTA on 13 22 13 for your nearest AUVIS.
To transfer the registration into your name you will need to take with you our invoice / receipt as proof of purchase a Safety Inspection Report to the RTA. At the RTA you must complete a Transfer of Registration form and pay stamp duty and transfer fees.
Title Guaranteed
Carnet Auctions guarantees the title of all cars sold at auction. This is because many finance companies who consign repossessed cars to auctions will not release their lien (or REVS) on the car until they have been paid.
Once you have paid for your car the funds are transferred to the owner or finance company and the lien is lifted. 
Buyers Premium
The price you pay for your car is your bid price plus a buyers premium. 
All our auctions are conducted inclusive of GST. You may from time to time hear the auctioneer announce that ‘No Tax Invoice’ or ‘No GST’. This means that a vehicle has been consigned from a private owner or charity.   If you are bidding on behalf of a business you will not be able to claim a GST refund for these vehicles.
All cars have a reserve unless the auctioneer announces that the car has no reserve.
Referred or Submit
If you are the highest bidder and the auctioneer says ‘Submit’ or ‘Referred’ your bid is below reserve and will be passed to the owner of the car.   A representative from the auction will contact you and negotiate a price on your behalf with the owner of the car.  
You are not legally bound to purchase the car if the auctioneer refers or submits your bid to the owner of the car. If you verbally agree to purchase the car at a negotiated price will charge your credit card with the deposit of $500.
If you are the highest bidder and the auctioneer says ‘Sold’ then you have entered into a legally binding contract to purchase the car.   Your credit card will be charged with a deposit of $500 and you will receive an invoice by email for the balance of the car. You must pay the balance within 48 hours by cash, EFT or bank cheque. Personal or company cheques are not accepted by Carnet Auctions.

Privacy Policy

In order to bid in at Carnet Auctions you ned to register as a bidder. We store the information which you enter this being your name, your address and your telephone numbers.

When you register we will check that you have given as a bona fide address and telephone number. We do this to protect Carnet Auctions and our vendors against credit card and other fraud. We use publicly available tools such as the telephone white pages and Australia Post’s street database to check your address, we do not pass your details to a credit checking agency.

If you are the winning bidder you will be asked to enter your credit card details into the Carnet Auctions site. Your credit card number is passed immediately to the banking system and is not stored on the web site. No staff member of Carnet Auctions has access to your credit card number.

We will from time to time send you either a letter or an email informing you of auctions which we think may be of interest. We do not pass your name, address and telephone numbers to any direct mail or marketing companies.

We may include your bids in our analysis of buying trends but this is limited to the bid price, bid date and your post code.

You may at any time request a copy of the information we hold in our database about you simply by sending an email to: 
CarNet Auctions Smithfield
CarNet western sydney

 Can I have my car delivered?

Yes, provided that payment in full has been received. Please contact Carnet Auctions to make an arrangement.
Typical transport rates are:
Sydney Metropolitan
Can I withdraw a bid.
No, you cannot withdraw a bid.   Please be careful when bidding on the internet.
The auctioneer did not acknowledge my bid
The streaming video and sound is approximately ½ second behind. This may be longer if you have a slow internet connection. Consequently if you bid based upon hearing the auctioneer’s voice the auctioneer may have already taken a bid from the floor. You should bid based upon the bidding button. There is no delay with the bid button.
I can’t log in at the auction time, can I enter an absentee bid.
Yes, logon and view the catalogue listing. Click on the lot and enter your maximum bid. The system will automatically bid on your behalf during the auction.
For help and assistance regarding the simulcast bidding system, please contact: Bidsonline 02 8850 1192